HDIAC State of the Art Report: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Defense Applications

This State of the Art Report focuses on applications of Artificial Inteligence (AI) that are relevant to DoD and other governmental agencies that share similar goals, such as the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Intelligence Community.....Read More

Tech Talks

Tech Talks: Engineering Resilience into the Electric Grid

Tech Talks: Engineering Resilience into the Electric Grid Presented by: Joel Hewett, HDIAC Subject Matter Expert Presented on: Aug. 01, 2018 Taxonomy: Homeland Defense & Security and Critical ... Read More


HDIAC Webinar: Night-time Face Recognition

HDIAC Webinar: Night-time Face Recognition Presented by: Dr. Shuowen (Sean) Hu, Dr. Nathan Short, and Dr. Ben Riggan | U.S. Army Research Laboratory Presented on: September 20th, 2018... Read More


HDIAC Currents September 5, 2018

The HDIAC Currents is a biweekly newsletter that highlights recent HDIAC products and services and features relevant news from worldwide sources regarding innovative, emerging technologies across our eight focus areas



Journal Volume: 5 Issue: 2
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This issue of the HDIAC Journal provides readers insight on seven of HDIAC's eight focus areas. First, the Biometrics article looks at physiological, cognitive, and biological markers for the warfighter. Next, the CBRN Defense article discusses the enhancing the development of genomics. The Critical Infrastructure Protection article focuses on self...