Core Analysis Task (CAT) Program

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The HDIAC Core Analysis Task (CAT) addresses challenging technical problems, including research and development (R&D), science and technology (S&T), and research development test and evaluation (RDT&E) that fall beyond the scope of the basic center of operations (i.e., Technical Inquiries). The CAT enables specialized support for specific projects.

CATs are customer funded (up to $500,000) and must be completed in one year. To initiate a CAT, all HDIAC needs is a Performance Work Statement (PWS), DD 1144, and a MIPR. Work performed as part of a CAT must fall within one of HDIAC’s eight focus areas.

Some of the advantages of the IAC CAT Program include:

  • Expedited Contracting Process – The HDIAC CAT is pre-competed, and work can begin on a project in as little as 6 weeks once the statement of work is approved. Minimal administrative effort is required.
  • Extensive Subject Matter Expert (SME) Network - HDIAC leverages support from its expansive SME Network, including technical experts from the HDIAC staff, team members, or the greater community, to complete CATs.
  • Access to the Latest S&T Findings – HDIAC draws from the most recent studies performed for agencies across the DoD. Results from DoD’s R&D and S&T projects are collected, stored, and used to support each customer’s CAT.