Minimizing impacts and effects of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear events through detection, recognition and technological initiatives.

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CBRN Defense is composed of defense against weaponized chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear agents. CBRN refers to deliberate use of these agents to cause significant harm. The scope of this contract is focused on the research and analysis of this subject matter area. Examples of topics that fall within the general scope of CBRN Defense (this list is not all-inclusive) are shown below:

    Properties of CBRN materials; technology and methods for detection, identification, measurement and characterization of CBRN agents including detection paradigms and systems for improved, emerging and novel threats; target recognition; combat effectiveness / force protection; CBRN surveillance, security and survivability; manufacturing processes for CBRN defense systems; container security/intrusion detection devices; CBRN damage assessment; individual and collective protection/protective gear; technologies and methods for toxic material decontamination and neutralization; securing and transporting CBRN agents; CBRN clean-up; development of non-lethal/less-hazardous CBRN materials; and environmental and human CBRN effects and treatment.