Understanding ideology and social, political and economic nature of other cultures and people.

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Cultural Studies is composed of cultural and sociological analysis research into the ideology, political and economic nature of a culture in order to better understand its people and government for national security purposes. The scope of this contract is focused on the research and analysis of this subject matter area. Examples of topics that fall within the general scope of Cultural Studies (this list is not all-inclusive) are shown below:

    Cultural anthropology (for example, collecting data about the impact of global, economical and political processes on local cultural realities) ; cultural diplomacy (for example, initiation or facilitation of information exchange with an aim to yielding a long-term benefit and build relationships and enhancing socio-cultural understanding); public diplomacy (for example, communication with foreign publics to establish a dialogue designed to inform and influence); strategic communication (for example, communicating directly and clearly with regard to the operations, structures and processes of the DoD); study of terrorism and responses to terrorism; research on individual and group behavior, quantitative techniques to describe and understand social and economic systems, graph theory and network analysis to model social networks and complex system behaviors; socio-cultural computing; human adaptation and response to perturbations (e.g., climate change, mass migration, war); interactions between human and natural systems; technologies to enable/enhance language learning; theology/ comparative religions; and military information support operations (formerly referred to as “psychological warfare and operations”)