Protecting the nation’s security by countering terrorism and ensuring strong law enforcement, disaster response and information management.

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Homeland Defense & Security is composed of Counterterrorism, Environmental Security, Aviation Security, Law Enforcement, Fraud Protection, Building and Facilities Security, Border Security, Disaster/Emergency Response and Recovery, and Cyber Security/Information Management. This is a domain area that covers any facet of homeland defense/security that is not covered in a more specific bolded sub-category below. The scope of this contract is focused on the research and analysis of this subject matter area. Examples of topics that fall within the general scope of Homeland Defense and Security (this list is not all-inclusive) are shown below:

    IED/terrorist attack prediction, technology and methods to detect explosives in public spaces and transportation networks, spectrum management (response information networks , analysis of terrorist tactics and strategies, operational threat response and recovery, air domain surveillance and intelligence integration, homeland defense-related sensor and imaging technology (i.e., non-military), technology and methods for protection against counterfeiting, trafficking and the detection/prevention of documentation and computer related fraud, emerging technologies relating to physical security, exposing identity theft, controlling access across borders; and emerging technologies relating to building, sustaining, and improving capabilities to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from, and mitigate all hazards including natural disasters and terrorist attacks.