Providing medical understanding for improved homeland defense and military operations.

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Medical is composed of any facet of medical research relating to homeland defense and security or military operations. The scope of this contract is focused on the research and analysis of this subject matter area. Examples of topics that fall within the general scope of Medical (this list is not all-inclusive) are shown below:

    Traumatic brain injury; mental health; amputation; prosthetics; limb salvage; rehabilitation; burn treatment including thermal, electrical, chemical and laser; prevention and treatment of hearing loss, vision loss and spinal cord injuries; clinical informatics the organization of healthcare information; aviation and combat life support equipment; regenerative medicine (the use of expanded stem cells in an effort to facilitate recovery of marrow that has been exposed to radiation and chemical weapons); infectious diseases; pharmaceuticals; non-invasive and remote assessment of physiological status; pre-symptomatic diagnoses technology; molecular genetics and genomics; soldier performance optimization; and emerging technologies in diagnostic assays, disease vector control and protection systems.