Minimizing impacts and effects of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear events through detection, recognition and technological initiatives.

Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) weapons are a real threat and defense measures must occur whenever hazards result from CBRN incidents. These weapons have a wide range of dissemination techniques which makes them appealing to extremist groups.

The overarching goal of CBRN Defense measures is keeping CBRN environments from having adverse effect on personnel, equipment, critical assets and facilities.

CBRN protection includes identifying threats and hazards and preventing or mitigating the effects of CBRN environments. Protective measures include individual protective equipment, detection devices, contamination mitigation technology as well as medical countermeasures.

The Department of Defense has several strategic goals to deter, prevent, protect, mitigate, respond to and recover from the threats of CBRN weapons. This includes providing the most advanced diagnostic equipment and countermeasure technology for identifying and protecting against imminent threats.

CBRN Defense

A Closer Look at CBRN Defense

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