Understanding ideology and social, political and economic nature of other cultures and people.

Cultural studies includes cultural and sociological analysis of a culture’s ideological, political and/or economic nature to gain a better understanding of the culture’s people and government.

Included in cultural studies are: cultural anthropology, cultural and public diplomacy, strategic communications, study of and responses to terrorism, sociocultural computing, interactions between human and natural systems and military information support operations. Those working in cultural studies are devoted to understanding the current challenges, history and community life within societies and diverse groups in order to address the problems in today’s world.

In military and national security operations, human dynamics is an essential aspect in planning for success. Awareness of economics, religion, politics and culture can influence adversary motives which influences how the military conducts operations and the needed flexibility to adjust rapidly to events in other places in the world.

Cultural Studies

A Closer Look at Cultural Studies

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