Protecting the nation’s security by countering terrorism and ensuring strong law enforcement, disaster response and information management.

Homeland Defense and Security Description: Homeland defense and security efforts are implemented to protect and secure the nation from threats. Issues such as aviation, border security, emergency response, cybersecurity and chemical facility inspection fall into this focus area.

In order to secure the homeland from terrorist attacks, emphasis is placed on deterring, preventing or mitigating these attacks; protecting critical defense and civilian infrastructure; fostering of situational understanding; and preparation and response to incidents.

With heightened concern of large­scale terrorism, the Department of Defense is more involved with federal, state and local agencies in their homeland security activities due to the substantial federal repository of resources. These resources are unique due to their ability to deter and respond to terrorist attacks. Regarding homeland security, the Department of Defense has the ability to operate in support of a civilian lead federal agency when requested; however, it views homeland defense as its primary mission.

Homeland Defense

A Closer Look at Homeland Defense

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