HDIAC Journal

The HDIAC Journal is a quarterly publication featuring articles by researchers, SME's and other leaders in HDIAC's eight focus areas.

HDIAC Currents

The HDIAC Currents is a weekly newsletter that highlights recent HDIAC products and services and features relevant news from worldwide sources regarding innovative, emerging technologies across our eight focus areas.

HDIAC Spotlights

HDIAC Spotlights are brief high-level overviews of relevant research and emerging technologies written by HDIAC SME's.

HDIAC Highlights

HDIAC Highlights are noteworthy news items that are published daily from within our eight focus areas sourced from .gov press releases.

HDIAC Conferences

HDIAC engages government, academia, industry, and Communities of Interest/Communities of Practice in our eight focus areas through conference presentations and papers.

HDIAC State of the Art Reports

HDIAC State of the Art Reports (SOARs) are produced annually and explore methods and technologies that will be essential for homeland defense and/or the warfighter in the next 5-10 years. SOARs topics are determined and discussed by HDIAC SMEs.