Volume 5, Issue 2

This issue of the HDIAC Journal provides readers insight on seven of HDIAC's eight focus areas. First, the Biometrics article looks at physiological, cognitive, and biological markers for the warfighter. Next, the CBRN Defense article discusses the enhancing the development of genomics. The Critical Infrastructure Protection article focuses on self-healing concrete made from fungi for sustainable and resilient infrastructure. The first Cultural Studies article discusses risk detection of destructive behaviors in near real time. The second Cultural Studies article focuses on the profile of potential cyber criminals. The Homeland Defense article centers on response implications of enduring disasters. The Medical article discusses tissue engineering for the warfighter. Finally, the Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) article is the second of a three-part series on emerging technologies that can be used in WMDs. This article focuses on artificial intelligence.

Individual Articles

Near Real-Time Behavioral Analysis for Threat Detection
By: Brian R.W. Baucom, Ph.D., Panayiotis Georgiou, Ph.D., & Dr. Craig J. Bryan, ABPP

Defining the Profile of Potential Cyber Criminals
By: COL Thomas Hyslip, Ph.D. & Thomas J. Holt, Ph.D.

Response Implications of Enduring Disasters
By: COL Barrett K. Parker & David B. Kang

Tissue Engineering for a Better Tomorrow
By: Amy Jackson & Jed Johnson, Ph.D.