Volume 4, Issue 2

This issue of the HDIAC Journal provides readers insight on four of HDIAC's eight focus areas. First, the Alternative Energy article discusses DoD applications of wearable thermoelectric generators powered by body heat. Next, in Biometrics, readers will learn about creating facial renderings from DNA samples. The Medical article outlines methods to improve warfighter cognitive performance. In WMD, we review nanotechnology's potential role in a new arms race. The final article, also in WMD, outlines how the Global Navigation Satellite System could be used to detect large-scale explosions.

Individual Articles

Wearable Thermoelectric Generators Powered by Body Heat
By: J. Liu, Ph.D., M. Hyland, H. Hunter, M.J. Hall, E. Veety, Ph.D., & D. Vashaee, Ph.D.