Volume 4, Issue 4

This issue of the HDIAC Journal provides readers insight on four of HDIAC's eight focus areas, with multiple articles in Homeland Defense and Security (HDS) and Medical. First, the Alternative Energy article discusses applications of algal biofuel for defense purposes. Next, the Critical Infrastructure Protection article looks at energy resilience in the wake of three significant hurricanes that struck the United States in 2017. The first HDS article focuses on applications of 3-D printed active composite materials. The second HDS article discusses assault ladders and composite structures used to improve them. The first Medical article centers on aerosol-based drug delivery. Finally, the second Medical article discusses exoskeletons for military use.

Individual Articles

Message from the Director
By: By: S. Stough, HDIAC Director

4-D Printing: Potential Applications of 3-D Printed Active Composite Materials
By: Devin J. Roach, Craig M. Hamel, Jiangtao Wu, Xiao Kuang, Ph.D., Martin L. Dunn, Ph.D., & H. Jerry Qi, Ph.D.