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Tech Talks: Nanomedicine and the DoD


Tech Talks: Nanomedicine and the Department of Defense 

Presented by: Gregory Nichols, HDIAC S&T Advisor

Presented on: September 29, 2016

Taxonomy: Medical

Description: Discovering and implementing new technologies supporting the health and wellness of U.S. warfighters continues to be important due to the correlation between the health of individual soldiers and the strength of the overall military. Nanomedicine, the integration of nanotechnology into medical practice, is an emerging technology being researched by the Department of Defense as a means to maintain and improve the health of the individual warfighter.

Three nanomedicine applications, especially promising, sensitive for DoD are artificial blood products; wound dressings/bandages; and pharmaceutical delivery systems. Developing nanotechnology applications in medicine advances U.S. soldier health care. Although an emerging discipline, early stage nanomedicine offers innovative solutions for the U.S. soldier.

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