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Tech Talks: 3D Printing and Alternative Energy


Tech Talks: 3D Printing and Alternative Energy 


Presented by: Gregory Nichols, HDIAC S&T Advisor

Presented on: October 27, 2016

Taxonomy: Alternative Energy

Description: Alternative energy remains a priority for the Department of Defense. 3D printing can be an invaluable tool in order for the DoD to maintain a technological advantage. Emerging uses of 3D printing for alternative energy include solar cells, energy storage technologies and wind turbine blades. 

Advancements in 3D printing continue to improve the efficiency of alternative energy options while reducing the weight, size and cost associated with production and implementation. With increasingly precise equipment and expanding material options, such as polymers and lightweight metals, 3D printing will continue to play a critical role in developing smaller and more efficient alternative energy technologies.

Sound Byte3D Printing Applications for Alternative Energy

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