Cyber Resilience Conference

Cyber Resilience Conference
Wednesday, December 6, 2017
Brussels, Belgium
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The underlying theme for this one-day conference is how to secure key functionalities of government in a less disruptive, more resilient way against various threats and to sustain trust. On the one hand there are well-known but intensifying threats to the public sector, such as malware, spyware and in particular APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats). In addition, there are new categories of threats imminent through a myriad of new attack vectors stemming from the evolving Internet of Things and through cyber-physical attacks, e.g. on critical infrastructure such as power plants. On top of this, cyber-societal attacks will have deep implications on a nation or a group of nations by manipulating public opinion through fake news and intentionally produced reputational damage. All of this is related to analysing the use of highly topical cyber technology in attacks, and to apply it for situational awareness and defence. 

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