Technical Inquiries

For more information, download the Technical Inquiries (TI) Brochure.

HDIAC provides analytical, scientific and professional research within our eight focus areas. Through our Basic Center of Operations (BCO), Subject Matter Expert (SME) network and extensive database collection, HDIAC is positioned to help support the nation’s toughest scientific and technical challenges. This service is available to academia, industry and other government agencies.

HDIAC provides up to four free hours of information services, including literature searches, product/document requests and analysis within our eight focus areas. The Technical Inquiry Process is listed below:

  • Client initiates Technical Inquiry (TI) via the Free Technical Inquiry Form (below) or by contacting;
  • Clients must login or register for the HDIAC website to submit a technical inquiry.
  • HDIAC receives the TI and performs a Technical Analysis.
  • If Technical Analysis is insufficient, HDIAC identifies and contacts SMEs for additional information.
  • HDIAC compiles research results, and prepares and transmits a report to the client.
  • After the client receives the report, an Inquiry Assessment Form is requested.
  • If TI effort exceeds 4 hours, HDIAC offers additional technical services, such as Core Analysis Tasks (CATs).

Complete responses may take up to 10 business days. Contact if you have any questions.