Impact-Resistant Shear Thickening Electrolyte Batteries for Soldier Power


Presented by: Gabriel M. Veith, Ph.D. | Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Presented on: August 15th, 2018 @ 2PM

Description: This webinar highlights a novel design for an impact-resistant, high-energy density battery suitable for use by the dismounted warfighter. Presented by Gabriel M. Veith, Ph.D., Research Staff and Team Lead in the Thin Films and Coatings Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the webinar discusses how the use of a novel internal chemistry composed of shear-thickening electrolytes (STE) eliminates the explosion hazard posed by standard lithium-ion batteries. Future development and testing of the STE battery may lead to prototypes that: 1) provide superior electrical power supply, 2) resist thermal runaway after receiving damage, and—when impacted— 3) provide uninterrupted and undiminished power to warfighter equipment.

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