Webinar Title: A Detailed Global Map of the Hydro-Economy: Water Footprints, Teleconnections and Indirect Security Risks of Drought

Presented by: Benjamin L. Ruddell, Ph.D., P.E., Associate Professor, Arizona State University

Presented on: December 10, 2015

Taxonomy: Critical Infrastructure Protection  (CIP)

Description: The global hydro-economic network creates vulnerabilities for distant drought and water conflicts through trade connections. The water footprint maps this water supply chain network.

This talk presents the first economically complete and spatially detailed water footprint for a major country: the United States. It also explores the implications of the hydro-economic network for anticipating global business, security and geopolitical problems in a 21st century characterized by drought, climate change and unsustainable water demands.

This information provides important foresight for international business and security interests, allowing us the invest in security and water in the right locations; to anticipate water-induced conflict; and to proactively manage the water supply chain to avoid problems.

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